8 Best Pocket Knives of 2018

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8 Best Pocket Knives of 2018

Best Pocket Knife 2018

Carrying a knife sounds dangerous, but many people wouldn’t be caught dead without their pocket knife. Here’s why: pocket knives are handy, reliable, potentially life-saving, and can be used in a lot of scenarios from cutting steaks at your favorite restaurant to defending yourself from bad guys on the street.

Regardless of the reasons why you love your pocket knives, the fact that these knives have survived since the Iron Age and developed to the modern knives you see today means they’re serving their purpose.

Unfortunately, any beginner pocket knife shopper would find that comparing knives is no easy task. There are hundreds of pocket knife designs, ranging from single-blade knives to Swiss Army multi-tool types. For the untrained eye, tactical knives look the same, but with closer inspection, you’ll discover that some come with cheap handles while others are crafted to perfection.

To help you get a glimpse of what the world of pocket knives has to offer, we’ve compiled 8 of the best pocket knives in the market that we recommend from now through 2018

Best Pocket Knives 2018

NameCurrent Price
Case Stockman Pocket KnivesCheck Current Price At Amazon
Grand Way Spring-assisted Tactical Pocket KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon
SOG Key Folding KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon
Kershaw Unisex Brawler 1990 KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon
Imperial Schrade IMP16S Stockman Folding Pocket Knife
Check Current Price At Amazon
Victorinox-Swiss Army 53481 Deluxe Tinker Pocket KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon
TAC Force TF-705BK Assisted Opening Tactical Folding KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon
Case Tiny Trapper Pocket KnifeCheck Current Price At Amazon

Now, Let’s review individual Pocket Knives included in our Top Pick’s list

Best Pocket Knife 2018 Review

1)     Case Stockman Pocket Knives

The Case Stockman pocket knives have been in production since 2012, but it remains one of the most popular EDC (every-day carry) knives today for people in need of only the simplest, yet functional tool. Considering these knives range from $25 to $300, Case has made this knife perfect for all occasions whether you’re hunting, hiking, or just in the office without sacrificing design.


⦁   Available in different sizes and designs – The Stockman pocket knives are available in small (2.63 inches closed), medium (3.63 inches closed) and large (4.25 inches closed) sizes. You can also choose from a wide range of handle designs, but note that those made with synthetic handles are cheaper than those crafted with bone.

⦁   Super Compact and lightweight – This beautiful three-bladed knife weighs just over 1 ounce, which mean you can place it in your pocket daily and forget it’s even there.

⦁   Three Blades – The Case Stockman pocket knives come with three blades – a pen blade (best for opening boxes and similar tasks), a clip blade (for prepping camp food and the like), and sheepsfoot (for woodcarving, electrical, or other general indoor and outdoor use).

⦁   Durable steel – The blade is made with Case’s Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel, which is known as mid-grade level steel with enough rust resistance and adequate toughness for its price point.

This three-bladed pocket knife is ideal for day-to-day tasks that require quick access to a blade. It’s not ideal to be used as a utility knife or place it under intense workload, but if you’re looking for everyday-carry pocket knife, the Case Stockman pocket knives will do the trick.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship (especially on premium handles like mother of pearl)
  • Available in three different sizes and tons of handle designs
  • Secure slip joint-type lock
  • Exceptionally lightweight at only 1 ounce
  • Three blades using durable Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel
  • Stockman pocket knives with synthetic handles are super affordable
  • Highly collectible premium-designed handles (see Prime Stag and Exotic Purple variations)
  • Not ideal for combat
  • Small knife for people with big hands

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2)    Grand Way Spring-assisted Tactical Pocket Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knives 2018 is offering is Grand Way’s Spring-assisted, tactical pocket knife which is a sleek-looking foldable knife perfect for both defense and recreation. It’s categorized under EDC (everyday carry), so its 4.4-ounce weight clearly captures this niche perfectly. The Grand Way 6681 pocket knife is designed with an aluminum handle, a liner lock, pocket clip and spring-assisted opening mechanism. And with a price tag below $15, this impressive foldable knife is a popular choice as men’s gifts.


⦁   440c Steel Blade – This steel grade is known to have high mechanical hardness and good corrosion resistance, which means it has the ability to keep grinding for a long time with little maintenance to keep the blade’s sharpness. The blade is also anodized-coated to keep it from corrosion even with exposure to extreme elements.

⦁   Tactical knife aesthetics – Aside from its high-durability blade that can compare to other tactical pocket knives, the entire design of this spring-assisted pocket knife looks and feels like military pocket knives. Plus, that gorgeous all-black matte color is perfectly cool.

⦁   Comfortable handle – Since knives like these are designed to be as small and functional as possible, the problem with many mini pocket knife EDCs is that ergonomics can be a hit or miss. However, even if the handle cover is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Grand Way 6681 tactical pocket knife supports direct and reverse grip comfortably well.

⦁   Liner lock and spring-assisted opening mechanism – The dirt-resistant lock with mechanical fuse prevents accidental disclosure of the knife. Its semi-automatic opening mechanism makes use of a simple, spring-assisted clip that unfolds the knife without much force.

  • Graded HRC of 57-58 (steel hardness)
  • Comfortable handle
  • Super cool all-black matte design
  • Reliable semi-automatic opening system with liner-lock
  • Corrosion-resistance steel blade
  • Single blade

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3)    SOG Key Folding Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knives 2018 is offering If you’re looking for a backup pocket knife that you can carry every day, check out SOG’s key folding knife and you’ll be amazed at how this tiny tool can actually be functional. Unlike other EDC keychain knives, the SOG version actually looks like a real key with a knife hidden beautifully within the key frame. Its blade is super small, measuring only 1.5 inches long when opened, but double the thickness of an ordinary key. In fact, the entire thing measures only 4 inches when completely opened.


⦁   Super small EDC – You’ll definitely want to carry the SOG key folding knife every day. Why not? You won’t even notice the extra weight it adds to your set of keys.

⦁   Durable – For its size, the tiny stainless steel blade can perform a lot more than you’d expect. It can open up boxes, sever thread, cut rope, and slash through paper effortlessly. It’s only made with 1.5-inch of metal, so manage your expectations.

⦁   Open/Lock Smoothly – Because it hides perfectly well within a key frame, it may seem the opening up the knife can be a problem. Fortunately, the guys at SOG have perfected this pocket knife. Users can easily lock and open the blade without unnecessary wobbling.

SOG Key folding knife is made in Taiwan, which is a pro or con depending on who you ask. However, current owner of SOG’s adorable pocket knife claims that the origin isn’t really an issue since this pocket knife is aimed as a backup EDC. The issue would be the knockoffs, which has infiltrated the market since 2016. If you do get a hold of an authentic SOG key folding knife, you’ll understand the appeal this tiny pocket knife can offer.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Steel blade with Rc. 55-57 hardness
  • Super small EDC pocket knife
  • Surprisingly ergonomic (given its size)
  • Lock-back for extra safety.
  • Spring-assisted closure
  • Comes with limited warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Not a tactical or self-defense knife
  • Cannot handle extreme use
  • Paint chips off somewhat easily

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4)    Kershaw Unisex Brawler 1990 Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knifes 2018 is offering is for those shopping around for a durable everyday-carry pocket knife that can serve as self-defense and all-around cutting tool, the Kershaw Brawler 1990 knife is a perfect choice. It’s a functional, aesthetically-pleasing, everyday knife that fits in most pockets perfectly. It also has the look of a military-style tactical knife and the practicality of a utility knife thanks to Kershaw’s renowned craftsmanship.


⦁   Modified tanto blade – The Kershaw Brawler is made with a modified tanto blade, which makes it extra durable than other blade shapes, but with an added grind at the top of the blade to improve its piercing ability.

⦁   SpeedSafe assisted opening – With SpeedSafe, you’ll be able to move the blade out of the handle even with one hand. You can either manually push the thumbstud or pull back on the flipper. wp

⦁   Flipper – This protruded part at the back of the blade can be pulled back or flipped to slide the blade out of the handle. It can be used manually or while using SpeedSafe.

⦁   Liner lock – For added security, Kershaw equipped this knife with a liner lock to keep it from moving when the blade is being used.

⦁   Superb cutting ability – This Kershaw pocket knife is a utility knife through and through, thanks to its ergonomic glass-filled nylon handles and practical knife-cutting ability.

⦁   Adjustable pocket clip – The pocket clip attached to the knife can be removed and repositioned four ways – tip-down, tip-up, left-handed carry or right-handed carry.

The Kershaw Brawler 1990 knife is a super-functional pocket knife with a strong and durable blade perfect for heavy cutting tasks. It’s comfortable to hold and fits your pockets with ease. With a price just slightly above $20, considering it comes from a trusted brand, the Brawler could become your favorite utility pocket knife in 2018.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Sharp and uniquely-shaped blade made of 8Cr13MoV steel
  • Safety features (flipper/SpeedSafe)
  • Adjustable pocket clips
  • Very cool-looking knife thanks to the black oxide coating
  • Only available in black

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5)    Imperial Schrade IMP16S Stockman Folding Pocket Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knifes 2018 is offering is the Imperial Schrade Stockman pocket knife is a well-designed three-bladed folding knife that is compact, durable and embodies the traditional Stockman design from end-to-end. This budget-friendly, classic-looking Stockman pocket knife from Imperial Schrade is ideal for outdoor activities like fishing and camping, but can quickly adapt to day-to-day cutting tasks, such as opening boxes and removing tags. And since it’s priced under $10, the Imperial Schrade Stockman pocket knife has been one of the best-selling gifts in this category for years.


⦁   400 Series Stainless Steel Blade – All three blades – a sheepsfoot, spay with nail pulls and clip-point blade – are made with 3Cr13MoV Stainless Steel. These blades come out of the box sharp and ready to cut with ease.

⦁   Compact – The Imperial Schrade Stockman knife measures only 5.9 inches and weighs about 2.5 ounces. Each of the three blades measure two and a half inches when extended.

⦁   Secure open/close – This particular pocket knife doesn’t have a lock or clip, but it has built-in mechanism that snaps back into place.

⦁   The boot has water-repellent suede and Cordura Upper.

⦁   Decades of professional knife manufacturing experience – Schrade has been a renowned name in the world of knives, cutlery and steel products for decades. The company closed a few years back, but operation continued as is after Taylor Brands, LLC purchased the company and maintained the high level of quality Schrade is known for.

The Schrade Imperial’s Stockman pocket knife follows a classic Stockman knife design – it’s lightweight, compact, and features three functional blades that you can use both indoors and outdoors. For its super-cheap tag price and tiny size, you’d be surprised that most Imperial Schrade Stockman pocket knives can last several years of daily abuse.

  • 400 series stainless (58 HRC Rockwell hardness)
  • Well-made handle with stainless steel bolsters, brass pins and heat-treated back springs
  • Equipped with clip point blade, Sheepsfoot Blade, and Spay Blade with Nail Pulls
  • Long-lasting
  • Super-sharp blades
  • You’ll need to break it in (since it’s hard to open/close out of the box)

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6)    Victorinox-Swiss Army 53481 Deluxe Tinker Pocket Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knife 2018 is offering if you’re checking out pocket knives with tons of tiny tools, there’s no other brand more popular than Victorinox. After all, this company (formerly known as Karl Elsener after its founder) first crafted the original Swiss Army multi-tool with the now-standard spring mechanism in 1890s. Victorinox’s Swiss Army 53481 Deluxe Tinker Pocket Knife is one such tool – and it boasts a whopping 18 types of functions within its exceptionally-made, multi-tool case.


⦁   16 stainless steel and plastic tools – This pocket knife is equipped with a large and small blade, Philips screwdriver with car key, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver & wire stripper, pliers with wire cutter, scissors, reamer with sewing eye, key ring, hook, toothpick & tweezers, and wire crimper.

⦁   Ultimate survival tool – Because these 16 tools featured in the Swiss Army Deluxe Tinker knife expands to 18 functions since the pliers can be used as wire cutter and the can opener can turn into a small screwdriver.

⦁   Awesome packaging – The Victorinox Swiss Army 53481 Deluxe Tinker Pocket Knife is a very popular item for gifts, so it’s no surprise that this multi-tool is ready for gifting. It comes with gift box packaging.

⦁   Portable – This pocket knife measures only 3 and a half inches when closed. It definitely embraces the EDC world.

The Victorinox Swiss Army 53481 Deluxe Tinker Pocket Knife is the total survival gear that’s also ideal for indoor use. All 16 tools are very functional and can withstand daily use. Many users have reported that they’ve been using Victorinox Swiss Army multi-tool knives for over two decades with no issues. That’s why this $50 pocket knife can be a great investment for anyone, whether you’re active outdoors or not.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Extremely durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 16 well-designed stainless steel and plastic tools
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor user
  • o Tons of knockoffs in the market

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7)    TAC Force TF-705BK Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife

For those after a tactical pocket knife ideal for outdoor use, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for such a tool, the TAC Force TF-705BK folding knife would definitely fit anyone’s budget and cutting needs. TAC Force is manufactured by Master Cutlery – the same company responsible for other budget-friendly knife brands like MTech, Survivor, Jungle Master, Fantasy Master and Femme Fatale, among others. These pocket knives are known as entry-level tactical knives, which cater to new owners exploring the world of folders.


⦁   Tactical knife inspired – The design of TAC Force TF-705BK is inspired by traditional military-grade knives, especially the black version that contrasts the stainless steel blade. It comes with a pocket clip at the back for easy carry.

⦁   Awesome-looking blade – The stainless steel blade is designed with half-serrated section, which is perfect for tasks like rope-cutting. It measures 3 ¼-inch long and 3mm thick.

⦁   Other tools included – Aside from the functional blade, this knife also has a bottle opener and glass breaker you can use for emergencies.

⦁   Safety features – This knife is spring-assisted, which means you can open it even with one hand. For security, it is equipped with a liner lock that securely keeps the blade in-tact when used and while closed.

You’d have to manage your expectations with this pocket knife. After all, it’s only $7 a pop. Despite this, the TAC Force TF-705BK folding knife serves its purpose well. It can cut through rope effortlessly, but if you’re not the outdoor-sy type and only require day-to-day cutting tasks like opening boxes, the serrated blade may not be the best type of blade for you to use.

  • Partially serrated blade reduces need for regular sharpening maintenance
  • Available in several colors, including pink camo, rainbow, orange, and more
  • Available as a two-pack combo for under $15
  • Uses rust-resistant 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade
  • Aluminum handle
  • Cheap build (cheapest stainless steel used)
  • Manually pushed to the side of blade to close

8)    Case Tiny Trapper Pocket Knife

Another great option when it comes to Best Pocket Knife 2018 is offering For minimalist lovers looking for a durable, reliable pocket knife, Case’s Tiny Trapper pocket Knife is a classic that has been well-loved for years. It only has two blades, but with exceptional craftsmanship on the handle and long-lasting stainless steel construction. And since it’s from the renowned company W.R. Case & Sons, which has been producing top-quality knives since 1889, you have a guarantee that these tiny knives provide value-for-money.  


⦁   Trapper style – This style is characterized by a slip-joint pocket knife with spay and clip blades that open from the same side. It was originally designed to cater to hunters since this heavy-duty utility tool can perform most hunting chores.

⦁   Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades – Case’s trademark Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades are made from a special high-carbon steel known for its corrosion resistance and blade strength.

⦁   Tons of handle designs – Like many Case pocket knives, users can choose what material and design you’d like for the handle. For this particular model, you have over 10 designs (either made from synthetic or bone) with prices ranging from $35 to $100.

⦁   Ergonomic handle – Aside from the impressive blades, Case Tiny Trapper’s handle are also extremely well-made. They fit right into your hands and provide a comfortable grip while cutting.

  • Durable
  • Made from high-quality surgical steel blades
  • Option to choose synthetic or bone handle
  • Super compact (measures only 2.38 inches when closed and weighs only 1 ounce)
  • Cool black felt box packaging
  • Made in the USA
  • Mid-ranged price
  • Only two blades

Final Thoughts:

It is equipped with a variety of features but is a bit too costly.
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Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.

Wrap Up:

Pocket knives come in a wide range of forms, sizes and designs beyond the Swiss Army knife many people are familiar with. There are super-compact EDCs (everyday carry), full-sized utility foldable knives, specialty knives with tons of extra tools, and more. Prices of these pocket knives can be as low as $10 or as high as $500, depending on your needs and reason for buying.

If you’re a collector, you’ll definitely love the high-end pocket knife options with rare bone handles or indestructible steel. But if you’re just looking for a perfectly functional portable knife, these 8 best pocket knives would surely be as popular in 2018 as it is today.

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