Best Backpacking Stoves 2018 | Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Backpacking Stoves 2018 | Review & Buyer’s Guide

To start any day in the wilderness of green woods all you need is a steamy cup of java. To beat the tiresome fatigue after a challenging hike all you need is a warm meal. A reliable and fuel efficient backpacking stove can add to your wilderness thrilling adventures in a manner that no other camping tool can do.

All campers, hikers and backpackers need a stove that is dependable, durable and lightweight enough to get your jobs done after a hectic day on trails.

A backpacking stove could be your best friend if you are setting out the backcountry roads for an adventure on tight budget. You can cook your own meals within no time regardless of your location with your back pack stove.

The backpack stoves have evolved over the years and their compatibility and ease of use has been greatly improved. So you need to spend less time and effort in cooking your meal. With an extended range of back pack stoves available in the market, picking up the perfect stove within your available budget is quite a tough job.
We have taken this hassle out of your mind by rounding up this buyers’ guide to get you the best back pack stove according to your needs.

This review not only covers the Best back stoves, but provide you an insight as well for considering some factors before you finalize your purchase decision for a back pack stove.

Read on below to help yourself cut through the clutter and finalize your best pick of best back pack stove.

Best Backpacking Stoves 2018 TYPES

Various varieties of backpacking stoves are available on the market. With such extended array of products available on the market, picking up a one best back pack stove could be really confusing.

So, firstly the most crucial thing is to have a know-how of basic types of back pack stoves and their utility options.

Canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, solid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves and the wood stoves are amongst the most commonly available types of stoves you can find in the market.

But each type of backpack stoves is not all roses, some cons also come along. The guide below is going to tell you the nitty-gritty of most best-selling stoves available on the market.

Following are some factors, you need to consider if you are hunting for a best backpack stove for your countryside adventures.

•   Price
•    Weight
•    Fuel Efficiency
•    Wind resistance
•    Simmering controls
•    Boil time
•    Ease of setup and use

Best BackPacking Stoves of 2018

NameCurrent Price






The most favorite and immensely popular stoves among the mountaineers and hikers are these back pack canister stoves.

Super easy field maintenance, easy management make them reliable workhorses to keep you tension free throughout your outdoor thrilling camping adventures.
Compact size and the light weight is the unique selling point of these backpack sto
ves. You can easily transport them up to tricky altitudes and toughest terrains within your backpack. If you are an international traveller and looking for a back pack stove, Canister stoves will just serve your purpose very efficiently.

The working mechanism of these stoves is really simple and comes with greater ease of use. The fuel container comes with threaded tops, canister stoves can easily be fixed upon these fuel canisters containing 2 pre-pressurized gases.

Isobutene and propane is pre-pressurized and filled in these canister fuel containers. With a pack weight of merely few ounces, the canister stoves happen to be incredibly small in size with super compatibility and folding options. Particularly, for international and American trekkers these workhorses could be of great use.
Due to all this it is included in our best backpacking stoves 2018 list.

  • Lightweight – They’re small sized and weigh only few ounces
  • Quick ignition – Ignition is effortless. Pre-ignition procedure is really simple with no priming requirements. All you have to do is, just rotate the valve and ignite with a matchstick, lighter or piezo-lighter whatever you are available with.
  • Flame simmers control options – Most models of Canister stoves come with simmering ability and adjustable flame
  • No spillage: – The canister fuel container comes with self-sealing options. So you don’t have to worry about and spillage or leakage of fuel.
  • Built in pressure regulator – Various Canister Stoves come with in-built pressure regulating mechanism. This makes them deliver the real cutting edge performance in harshly cold weather at high altitudes.
  • Their arms may not be long enough to hold large pots securely.
  • It’s tough to know how much gas is left inside the closed canister, so you may want to carry an extra to be sure you don’t run out. (A small 4-ounce canister makes a good backup.)
  • A windscreen should not be used with an on-canister stove because it can trap excessive heat and lead to fuel exploding.
  • In cold weather, canisters can depressurize and produce a weak flame (unless the stove has a pressure regulator)
  • Compared to liquid-fuel stoves, the cost of fuel is greater.
  • Canister waste: Empty canisters need to be disposed of properly; you’ll want to research recycling options near you.

Due to all the features mentioned above is included in our best backpacking stoves 2018 list.

Additional types of Canister Stoves:

Integrated canister systems:

These tall-profile cooking systems come with a burner. The burner sits atop the fuel canister. Insulated cooking utensil with lid and strainer comes along these.

Moreover, the integrated canister systems work well with accessories like French coffee making press as well.
Their general purpose is to boil water super quickly.

Built in wind screen

Some of the canister stoves come along with a built in wind screens.

This wind screen comes into play when you are cooking at high altitudes with great wind gusts blowing around.

To have consistent performance in low temperature conditions and high altitudes, wind shields are incorporated in these stoves. This retains the fuel efficiency and cooking time of the stove.

2)    Jetboil Minimo stove:

If you are searching your camping companion as a back packing stove in the category of canister stoves, the Jet boil Minimo is just the right option. When it comes to weight, the Jet Boil Minimo is the lightest integrated amongst all canister stoves.

Jet Boil Minimo has upgraded its construction from old school floppy cozy handles to the latest cozy and sturdy plastic coated handles for holding the pot. This has enhanced the conductivity majorly.

Moreover, Jet Boil Minimo comes with a wider and improved temperature control mechanisms for providing you with the ease of cooking your meals in challenging terrains and weather.

The Minimo burner has an upper hand over the existing JetBoil Flash when it comes to better simmer control options, and efficient boil time. If you are new to using back packing cooking systems, Jet Boil Minimo is just the right choice since it provides you with a reliable all-in-one cook support on your adventures.

Read on below to know how this Jet Boil Minimo turns out to be our favorite one amongst the creed of canister back packing stoves.

Fuel Efficiency and Boil time:

Jet Boil Minimo comes with reliable fuel efficiency. It burns 0.3 oz of fuel for boiling 1 liter of bottle. With the excellent heat distribution and insulated cooking pot, this cooking pot retains the heat and thus saves fuel.
On low fuel consumption, we observed Jet Boil Minimo as reliable cooking equipment for your cold and snowy expeditions out there.

Jet Boil Minimo is capable of boiling up to 20 2-cup pots and almost another one with only one canister of Jet Boil’s Jetpower fuel.

Along with reliable fuel efficiency, the Jet Boil Minimo comes with an incredible boil time as well. Within 1 minute and some 51 seconds Jet Boil Minimo serves you with rolling boiled 2 cups of water. This amazing back stove will never disappoint you even if it’s working on last sips of fuel, still you will get 2 cups of boiled water under 2 minutes time.

By carefully building a windshield around your Jet Boil Minimo you can increase the fuel efficiency in harsh weather conditions.


The Jet Boil Minimo is designed with revamped regulator design and valve sensitivity which provides you increased flame control.

Now you can cook your meals on small and slow flame with simmer range up to 2.5 turns. The Jet Boil Minimo enables you to do things beyond just boiling and dehydrating freeze-dried meals.

With improved simmer controls you can now cook a real meal effortlessly like pasta, soups or whatever you desire.
You can conveniently prepare a full course meal like curry, pasta and rice only if you stay vigilant and keep on stirring carefully. Due to this it is included in our best back packing stove 2018 list.


The MiniMo comes with a 12.2 oz of trail weight. While we surveyed an extended range of back pack stoves, Minimo by Jet Boil happens to be the lightest amongst all. This makes it packable and extremely portable.

Ease Of Use:

Jet Boil Minimo is designed with wider pot and short shape, this enhances flux distribution. Well distributed flux makes cooking experience more quick and easy.

The backpackers who are looking for an all-in-one lightweight and fuel efficient cooking stove, Minimo by Jet Boil is just the right pick for them. The cooking vessel provides you with the ease of eating directly out of it. Not only this, but the Jet Boil Minimo comes with pot lid and strainer as well.

Due to all these features it is included in our best backpacking stoves 2018 list.

  • Affordable price range
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Flux ring protector can be used as bowl
  • Excellent simmering controls
  • Piezoelectric igniter/li>
  • Fairly fuel efficient
  • A bit less wind resistive

3)    MSR Pocket Rocket 2

We have stacked up our list with this great handy backpacking stove by MSR. The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 comes with incredible options for backpackers who are ready to begin their adventure in tough terrains and mountains.

MSR Pocket Rocket is super lightweight with excellent simmering abilities, just perfect for you if you intend to cook some deep fried and intricate meals on your adventure.

The commendable boil time will bring you sooner than later, a hot cup of tea or coffee before you set out for your morning hike on adventures.

You won’t have to wait for long to get the snow melted and drinkable if you are too thirsty during a challenging climb on mountains. Since, MSR has super-efficient performance in challenging weather situations.

If you need a backpacking stove which allows you to quickly make your favorite eatables ready after a long tiring adventurous day, this MSR Pocket Rocket2 is at your disposal. Read on below to know more about incredible features of this popular backpacking stove.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency is incredible. MSR Pocket Rocket 2 boils water super-fast in an impressive time, just light it up and your meal is cooked. You need to fuel it with isobutene canisters available in 16 ounce sizes. Since, the stove itself is powerful enough so the fuel consumption is pretty good and economical.


MSR pocket rocket 2 is a champion in this merit as well. The control valve comes with noticeable increased resistance in control wire. The enhanced resistances provide you with more responsiveness and simmer controlling. By the experience and frequent use of this MSR pocket rocket 2 you can learn various techniques of simmering and cooking, but it does perform above average for the freeze-dried food.


the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 leaves all other contemporary back pack stoves behind in this criterion. With a total weight of exactly 2.6 oz, this pocket stove allows you to carry it in your back pack anywhere. It enables you to carry some extra chocolates or food with you as well since MSR pocket rocket 2 itself is ultra-light weight. The burner comes in a decent size with large arms to provide stability to the cooking pot.

With just 2.5 ounces of total weight, the MSR pocket rocket provides you with the ultimate cutting edge performance. The burner delivers a fairly incredible performance when it’s calm usual weather situation. Due to this it is included in our best back packing stove 2018 list.

Easy setup:

MSR Pocket rocket 2 comes with an exceptionally simple design and effortless setup. All you need to do is to open up the arms of burner, place your cooking utensil atop and just light up the flame according to the recipe you are all set to cook. This entire procedure takes no time. You can control the flame in chilled snowy weather even with your gloved hands.

Due to all these features it is included in our best backpacking stoves 2018 list.

  • simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price range
  • Better simmer control
  • Comes with strong hard case
  • Reliable performance in all weathers
  • Little bit unstable

4)    MSR Whisperlite

This stove belongs to the most reliable category of Liquid fuel stoves. If you are looking for a backpacking stove to serve you on your international travels with cutting edge performance in harshest weather conditions, MSR Whisperlite is one of the top selling models we have surveyed so far.

MSR whisperlite is ideal to serve you if you are planning a mountaineering tour with your group of buddies, since this backpacking stove by MSR burns the hottest. They can become functional on any liquid fuel commonly available like kerosene, gasoline or even the jet fuel. With so many advantages, however the MSR Whisperlite comes with a
little downside as well. They require a fuel pump and fuel bottle separately. So, they weigh a bit more than usual.

Despite a little downside, MSR whisperlite has continued to be the most iconic and long-lasting backpacking stove so far. Read on below to know more

Fuel Efficiency and Boil time:

When it comes to burn for long over a minimum supply of fuel in challenging weather conditions, the MSR Whisperlite is never going to disappoint you. MSR Whisperlite comes with Hybrid fuel performance mechanism. Basically it functions on white gas, switches effortlessly to be used with liquid fuels.

To deliver top-notch performance with all compatible fuels, MSR Whisperlite is integrated with the patent Air Control Technology.

The stove needs priming before you actually start cooking so the white gas gets converted into vapour. This procedure however may consume just a slight amount of extra fuel. But with Air Control Technology, MSR whisperlite will burn for 155 minutes on 20 ounces of white gas at maximum flame. With low fuel consumption this is a highly reliable fuel efficient performance.

However, you can still boost up the fuel efficiency with little bit if skills and by using the windscreen properly. Luckily, MSR Whisperlite comes with a windscreen which needs to be wrapped tightly around the pot for effectively screening it from winds. This ensures your stove remains burning regardless of windy surroundings.


MSR Whisperlite comes with excellent simmer control options, thus enabling you to satisfy your appetite with quick meal like noodles to intricate cuisines as well. You can cook almost any type of things in weather conditions as critical as -20 degrees.

You can even bake a pizza on the heights of snowcapped mountain peaks, if you are adventuring with your buddies and this amazing MSR Whisperlite.

All you have to do is to master the skill of depressurizing the fuel bottle and creating the tower around the pan with windscreen, and you are all good to bake the yummy pizza or even brownies. Due to this it is included in our best back packing stove 2018 list.


MSR whisperlite is the lightest backpacking stove in the category of liquid stoves. With a trail weight of 11.5 ounces, it is the most light weight stove you will come across to serve you with an above average performance of group cooking in harsh weathers.

MSR has constructed the Whisperlite liquid fuel stove with a refined and stable design incorporated with super stable and lightweight stainless steel legs to enhance stability. Aluminum mixer tube and stainless steel makes the whole construction ultra-light weight so it’s easy to carry as backpacking stove.

Boil time:

As we have already made you aware of the above average performance of this magnificent adventure companion of yours, here is to enlighten you with one more exceptional performance of MSRWhisperlite.

Our team of experts tested this super light cooking equipment in freezing cold, it melted snow and turned it into 1 liter of rolling boil water within a matter of 6 minutes and 54 seconds. This is a pretty good boiling time according to our experts.

Ease of use:

Although liquid fuel stoves need some technical skill set to be operated. But fortunately, MSR has designed this Whisperlite stove with the simplest design. MSR Whisperlite is super easy to use so it’s the most straightforward equipment for adventures.

The stove comes with effortless and simple field maintainability. Fast cleaning is facilitated with shaker-jet self-cleaning technology.

Just shake the jet and fuel jet will be cleaned in no time without any hassle. the operability of MSR Whisperlite depends upon the white gas, this is the cleanest burning fuel. So it doesn’t produce any soot.
Due to all these features it is included in our best backpacking stoves 2018 list.

  • Hybrid-Fuel Performance
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient with patent Air Control technology
  • Affordable within mid-price range
  • Simple and stable design
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Reliable performance in harsh weather
  • Heavy
  • A bit difficult to simmer

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirts 2018 list.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tv 2018 list.


If you are looking for super lightweight and simplest back packing stoves to keep you well fed during your adventures, Esbit folding pocket stove will just do for you.

Esbit folding pocket stove has been Hikers’ favorite choice since it comes without any chances of liquid fuel spillage or leakage. This makes it quite travel friendly. Moreover, the portability factor earns this category another plus, small size makes it super compact and easy to transport anywhere. Esbit folding cooking stove is ready to serve you under the most extreme weather conditions with its ultra-strong heat output.

Esbit folding pocket stove is a nice option if you are not a large group of people adventuring out there. This folding pocket stove by Esbit is foldable, lightweight and packable. Since Esbit comes with a lower center of gravity so it is super stable as compared to other sturdy and top notch back packing stoves.

All you need to carry along are the Esbit fuel tabs, there is no complication of carrying canister fuel bottles like white gas or isobutene cooking back pack stoves, so the Esbit comes with most lightweight portability options.
Esbit is a reliable companion for your adventurous thrilling expeditions. It will work at any temperature, weather conditions and altitudes.

The greatest selling point of this Esbit Folding pocket stoves is their affordable and inexpensive price range. The fuel tabs and cooking gear of Esbit stoves is available at inexpensive rates.

Fuel Efficiency:

Esbit Folding stoves come with great relief of inexpensive fuel utilization.It uses a compact, lightweight and low cost Esbit solid fuel tablet. These fuel tablets are composed of a chemical known as hexamethylenetetramine.

These Esbit solid fuel tablets are small little bricks and a quick alternative heating source that burns with a blue flame for a time of 15 minutes. One fuel tablet of 14g will serve you with a 500ml cup of rolling boil water.
The solid fuel tabs come with an amazingly longer shelf life. The fuel tabs come in waterproof and secure individual packing which makes them last up to as long as more than 10 years.


TThe Esbit folding pocket stove lacks the simmering control options, but they feature the 2 cooking positions. Two selectable cooking grades are available in this stove which makes it just perfect to be used for pans, pots and cups.

If you use a simmer ring, Esbit fuel tab can burn up to 50-60 minutes very easily.


Light weight is the unique selling point of these Esbit folding pocket stoves. It comes with a total weight of just 7 oz along with the Esbit cook-set. All the parts are compact and foldable with an ability to stack together, this makes it ideal for backpacking, camping adventures, home and emergency kits. Due to this it is included in our best back packing stove 2018 list.

Boil time:

When it comes to field performance, the Esbit pocket folding stove is satisfactorily efficient with the quick boil time.

A 14g fuel tab is capable of burning up to 12 to 15 minutes giving you 500ml of rolling boil weather. This is just the perfect performance for rehydrating your freeze-dried meals.

  • Easy to light
  • Very portable
  • Longer shelf life of fuel tabs
  • Galvanized steel made stable design
  • 2 cooking grades available
  • Very lightweight and foldable
  • compact
  • No simmer controls

Final Verdict:

Make your outdoor ventures enjoyable and hassle free now with our top-notch back pack stoves breakdown. If you are setting out for an outdoor adventure, you will find nothing more synonymous with adventuring than an affordable light weight back pack stove.

With shear options and extended varieties of back pack stoves available on the market; you might get your mind wobbled when it comes to picking up one best product.

To save you the frustration and time, we have compiled this super quick, authentic and handing buyer’s guide for you to get the perfect back pack stoves for yourself and your buddies. is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. We have used all the products on this page and recommended them because these are products and companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed in comments below!

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