Best Running Shirts 2018 | Top Rated Running Shirts Reviewed

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Best Running Shirts 2018 | Top Rated Running Shirts Reviewed

This review is for everyone who runs and loves to do outdoor sport.

Look dapper and run better with our 7 most elegant and super comfortable running shirts. Having a proper running attire will let you enjoy your workout experience. Running shirts comes with enough tendency to tame the hot and humid weather while you train or workout.

Our review features 7 best running shirts 2018 has to offer and promise to protect you from oppressive heat, high perspiration, chafing, UV rays and your own sweat. These 7 high-tech running shirts are ready to help you handle the heat for comfortable, cooler and faster tracking, running and road runs.

Best Running Shirts 2018 List

Running ShirtsPrice
New Balance Ice Short Sleeve
Patagonia Fore Runner Short Sleeve
ASICS PR Lyte Short Sleeve
Salomon Fast Wing Tee
The North Face Kilowatt Short Sleeve
MBJ Womens 3/4 Sleeve Drape Top with Side Shirring

Under the banner of these 7 Top Running Shirts 2018 have to offer we are here featuring the 5 best running shirts for men and 2 best running shirts for women.

Best Running Shirts For Men

1)    New Balance Ice Short Sleeve

Stay cool and dry with our most liked running shirt by New Balance. During your hectic hikes and sweaty runs, New Balance has ensured to provide you the real comfort with their new Ice Short Sleeve running shirts. This special running shirt is manufactured using the latest sweat-activated NB Ice fabric. NB Ice short sleeves running shirts ensure your smooth workout from starting till end with their number of wonderful features. Flattering seams, back vents, and media card pockets make it stand out among all other running shirts.

We have stacked up this item on top for its crazy fan following and large review counts. You must consider this superb running shirts by New Balance to give a new dimension to your fitness regime.


we recommend you this outstanding Ice Short Sleeves by NB for your high humidity runs. Because if you are going for a hiking venture on a hot summer day, you will be sweating a lot. And humidity will prevent that accumulated sweat from evaporating. This is one reason it is included in our best running shirts 2018 list.

But when you are wearing this ultra-comfortable and specially designed running shirt, these all problems will be solved. Under arm gussets and soft brushed material with sweat wicking mechanism provides you with the great comfort you expect from an excellent quality running shirt.

The light weight manufacture makes your feel light and motivated throughout your tiring workouts.


The excellent breathability quality makes this running shirt by NB stand apart from other running shirts of this range.

We have reviewed a wide range of running shirts, but no other shirt was as breathable as this Ice Short Sleeves shirt by NB. The sweat-wicking mesh fabric enhances the air flow and keeps you dry and as cool as ice.

We credit it with 10 on 10 points for its amazing breathable construction. Mesh panels on the shoulders, around the neck, midway down the back and beneath arms make sure the total evaporation of sweat. Efficient sweat escape enables you to feel cooler and odor free. Breathability is another reason it is included in our best running shirt 2018 list.


Super smooth polyester fabric makes it super lightweight and it hardly announces its presence when you are wearing and running in this shirt by NB.

Fantastic mesh-panels in the design, just greatly increases the breathability capability of the shirt. The fabric contains anti-microbial fibers for preventing odor and fungus.

The build material for this great running shirt by NB comes with a UPF rating of 30. This rating allows the shirt to block penetration of harmful UV rays that encounter your skin beneath the shirt.

NB has designed this Ice Short Sleeves running shirt with the most reflective material in the panels. This makes it your best choice for a dim or low-light road runs. Due to it’s material it is one of our Top Running Shirts 2018 have to offer and is one of the best running shirts for men.


With drop hem, this elegant Ice Short Sleeves running shirt by NB fits true to your size and provides you a comfortable experience of long run. Its available in an extensive size and color range, providing you a huge variety to pick from.

Pros and cons of the New Balance Ice Short Sleeve:

  • Very comfortable.
  • Breathable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reflective panels.
  • Simple.
  • A bit reduced durability with mesh panels.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.

2)    Patagonia Fore Runner Short Sleeve

The Patagonia Fore Runner Short Sleeve is a streamlined and exceedingly simple running shirt that nevertheless does an extremely good job.

It was easily one of the most comfortable shirts in the review, and was the fastest shirt to dry in our drying test, making it a great choice for hot, sweaty days, or as a base layer for other outdoor sports.

As is usually the case with Patagonia clothing, simple is a very good thing, and we know you will love this shirt.
Patagonia has put a lot of thought into making this a great shirt. The seams use “flat-sewn” construction, and this turned out to be the least abrasive method of seam sewing of all the shirts we tried. The recycled polyester fabric is very smooth to the touch, exceedingly comfortable, and was the fastest drying of any shirt.


We loved the lightweight, super soft weave on the recycled polyester, and the total lack of abrasion from the seam sewing.

For us it was a slightly tighter fit than the other shirts, and we noticed this mostly under the arms.

There was no way we could give this model anything but a perfect 10 as it was dry hours before some of the other shirts in our drying tests. Comfort and Quality is one reason it is included in our best running shirt 2018 list.


The Fore Runner is made exclusively of one fabric and does not include special breathable mesh panels like some of the others.

It is still highly breathable and especially fast drying. So, breathability is another reason it is included in our best running shirts 2018 list.


Lightweight, breathable 100% recycled polyester fabric with 15-UPF sun protection and Polygiene® permanent odor control. Fabric is bluesign® approved.

To achieve sun protection, Patagonia takes a varied approach, depending on the degree of protection desired and the fabric used. Elements of the strategy can range from yarn selection to fabric construction to the use of special finishes (especially for light colors which generally provide less protection).


This outclass running shirt by Patagonia is designed with Minimal flat seams. These flat seams provide you with restriction free totally comfortable movement.

Now train your body with this superb Patagonia running shirt, because it comes with set-in-sleeve construction. This thoughtful sleeve design allows you to carry out all kinds of strenuous workouts and outdoor sport with ease and great comfortable fitting.

Pros and cons of the Patagonia Fore Runner Short Sleeve:

  • Very light.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Very fast drying.
  • Set-in-sleeves.
  • Nil.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list.

3)    ASICS PR Lyte Short Sleeve

To keep you well ventilated throughout your runs and hiking sessions, we have come up with the most versatile Lyte Short Sleeve running shirt by ASICS. ASICS has designed this astounding running gear with the lightest weight mesh fabrics. This latest allover mesh fabrication feature provides the runners with generous breathability.

The sophisticatedly designed under arms add a touch of elegance and style to this Short Sleeve running shirt by the ASICS. The low dropped rear hem line brings you the comfortable fitting and upgraded coverage to your body.

We have searched the market thoroughly and we came across an extended variety of running shirts, but this running shirt by ASICS is the only one which provides you with superb elasticity.

Read on below to know more about the overwhelming features this PR Lyte Short Shirt has to offer you. Overall, we find this running shirt as an above average running gear for keeping you dry and cool on a hot hiking day.


This running shirt by ASICS is sure to provide you the ultimate comfort because its good at everything. With the loose fit, bigger cut and the extra stretchy construction, the ASICS’s Lyte Short Sleeve running shirt is your comforter and best friend on long and sweaty runs. This is one reason it is included in our best running shirts 2018 list and is one of the best running shirt for men.


ASICS has designed this shirt sleeve running shirt with adequate breathability. Shirt is made with very much thin fabric which makes it light weight. Moreover, the closely spaced breathing holes present within this fabric are a great source for air flow. This ensures efficient wicking of sweat so it doesn’t weigh you down with uncomfortable dampness and odor.


With so many running shirts available on the market, we found this amazing feature in on in only this Lyte Short-sleeved running shirt by ASICS. The fabric is ultra-thin with a blend of 6% Spandex in Polyester. This incredible Spandex makes these running shirts super stretchable and elastic.

The shirt comes with two reflective logs on the front and back, making you more visible and prominent if you are enjoying a night road run in dimly lit streets.

The thin fabric makes these running shirts fastest drying shirts, ensuring no sweat clogs inside to produce the odor. This is another reason it is included in our best running shirt 2018 list.


ASICS’s running shirt fits like an elegant running attire. It looks stylish outside and the most comfortable inside. Shoulders contain the different colored panels, to add the style in this running gear. The shirt comes with simple and cozy fit without any fancy frills.

Pros and cons of the ASICS PR Lyte Short Sleeve:

  • Comfortable.
  • Fast drying.
  • Breathable.
  • Affordable.
  • Super stretchy.
  • Abrasive around neck.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirts 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.

4)    Salomon Fast Wing Tee

If you are searching for a running shirt to take you a long way for a ling ultra-race or on trial runs, and you need to carry a back pack along. Definitely you have to look no further, because we have staked up our list with one of the most amazing running shirts. Salomon Fast Wing tee running shirt comes with multiple benefits in one deal.

Salomon has designed this amazing running shirt with a number of unique features, you will never witness in any shirt. Dual side-pockets make it a whole different running attire.

Not only this, these side pockets are spacious enough to accommodate your cell phone, energy gels or various other small items safely. On a tough hiking terrain, your shoulder back pack will stay in place now with silicon printed patches on shoulders. This silicon print not only provides durability but great support to your backpack as well.

Read below to know more about this stellar running gear before you place your order.


Salomon has crafted this running attire with really smart and functional details for give you restriction free movements and great comfort ultimately. Unlike others, beyond claims Salomon Wing Tee running shirt actually provides you with the bundle of practical specifications.

Perfect combination of fabric and details keep you hassle free and comfortable for sure. Light weight fabric makes it a super comfortable running gear to wear on for long hours.

The silicon dotted patches in the back shoulders are meant to cut abrasion caused due to a backpack. So, this adds another plus to the comfort specifications of this running gear by Salomon.


This Wing tee running shirt by Salomon breathes adequately well. The shirt comes with multiple breathing panels. These panels regulate and enhance the air flow thus making your shirt dry and breathable. Mesh breathable panels are located under arms, and they stretch all the way down towards sides.

Moreover, similar breathing panels are sewn on the back of neck towards the entire middle back of the shirt. The breathability of this wing Tee running shirts has increased up to many folds by these breathing panels.

Furthermore, for enhanced and customizable ventilation, zip-neck is constructed in this above average running shirt.


For quickly and effectively wicking away the sweat, Advanced Skin Active Dry technology is incorporated within the Polyester fabric. This is one reason it is included in our best running shirt 2018 list.


The most appealing feature of this Wing Tee by Solomon is its “active fit”. This is meant for accommodating your wide shoulders in a sleeker fit. The running shirt gets more sleeker near the Torso with no constriction. This athletic and most comfortable fitting allows you to train or do any outdoor sport with ultimate ease. Due to this it is one of the best running shirt for men 2018 has to offer.

Pros and cons of the Salomon Fast Wing Tee:

  • Great feature set.
  • zip-neck.
  • sleek fit.
  • Dual side pockets.
  • Advanced Skin Active Dry technology.
  • Uncomfortable abrasive stitching.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirts 2018 list.

5)    The North Face Kilowatt Short Sleeve

The north face is known for producing the most reliable and technical outdoor running shirts with highly-functional features. If you are planning your hiking route through the thick and bushy forests, this Kilowatt Short Sleeve running shirt is your reliable companion for this rough tough venture.

With an extra-durable FlashDry XD knit body, this shirt is the beast against the rough challenging terrain. Enhanced durability enables it to take the extra abuse.

This brilliant running shirt by North Face is a Steller performing running gear for your rigorous gym sessions and sweaty hikes. Read on below to know more about this heavy duty and durable shirt.


Kilowaatt short sleeve running shirt by North Face scores a pretty good rank, when it comes to comfort. It is super comfortable and feels next-to-skin. For added comfort North Face has designed this impressive running shirt with low profile through a multi-piece collar.

It includes the taped fabric which prevents abrasion unlike sewn fabric. Shoulder contains seams for ensuring no chafing. With a loose and non-restrictive fit it allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor venture without hampering your body movement. With these nice options available, however this running shirt falls short when it comes to the drying capacity and breathability. Confort and Quality is one reason it is included in our best running shirts 2018 list and is one of the best running shirts for men 2018 has to offer.


Abrasion resistive and high durable fabric has cost this awesome running shirt a little bit lack of breathability.

But still North Face has kept its standards high to provide you the maximum options for ventilation and breathability. The Kilowatt Short Sleeve running shirt comes with mesh breathing panels below arms and along the top of the rear side.

The good thing is, it doesn’t retain odor.


Hardcore, durable material is used for the construction of this reliable Kilowatt Short Sleeve shirt by North Face. As we informed you, the knit fabric is super durable, but the close and tight knitting of this fabric makes this shirt less breathable.

The fabric dries quick and prevents foul smell.

It remains soft next-to-skin, but it doesn’t breathe as excellently as other running shirts we have included in our review. We recommend you this shirt for colder areas, it is durable and warm for cooler temperatures. This is one reason it is included in our best running shirt 2018 list.


North Face has designed this shirt with the most comfortable fitting. The fitting is loos and doesn’t hamper your body movements. It comes with a nice cut for your rigorous workout sessions.

This makes it athletes’ favorite running shirt. Split hem is incorporated in this shirt to ensure more comfortable and perfect fitting. Multi-piece collar adds more relaxed and convenient fitting with low profile. Due to this it is one of the best running shirt for men 2018.

Pros and cons of the The North Face Kilowatt Short Sleeve:

  • Really comfortable next-to-skin.
  • Cut feels nice for workouts.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Can take serious abuse (scrub oak snags are no match).
  • Doesn’t retain odor.
  • Sub-par breathability.
  • Expensive.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list.

Best Running Shirts For Women

6)    Under Armour Women’s Perfect Pace Tee

This running tee is never going to disappoint you, when it comes to the durability. With wide range of colors and light stripping pattern, this Under Armour shirt is a class apart. Running shirts manufactured by UnderArmour are best known for their comfort and quality. The feminine V neck and low-profile sleeves define your elegant body shape with grace.

Read below to know more about the elegant design and features of this stylish women’s running shirt by Under Armour.


The Under Armour running shirts for women is the name of ultimate comfort and top-class quality manufacturing. During those sweaty run sessions, this amazing running shirt provides you the perfect pace. With its superb Signature Moisture Transport system, Under Armour keeps your dry and light by wicking the sweat.


The wicking fabric provides you the external breathability. It ensures to sweep away any perspiration from your sweaty body, thus keeping you dry throughout the run. Moreover, highly breathable fabric allows air to flow very easily, this maintains and regulates your body temperature during a run. Moisture transport mechanism keeps you dry despite the heat or sweaty strenuous activities.


This amazing shirt is manufactured using the lightest weight and the soft brushed material. The sweat wicking material prevents chafing. The soft brushed material makes it a real deal of comfort during your pumped-up hikes or workouts. Polyester and Import Quality Elastane is used for constructing this amazing running gear.


Under Armour brings you this running shirt with an elegant and flattering long cut. Ladies prefer this running shirt for its excellent coverage, during yoga or workouts it doesn’t reveal your body. Improved coverage is ensured with the shaped hem, secondly this hem defines the elegant shape of your body.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list.

Best Running Shirts 2018 Buyer’s Guide and Final Verdict:

With a wide range of running shirts available on the market, we have rigorously surveyed about the practical features and durability that every running gear offers. We came across with numerous varieties of running shirts, however these 7 products really captivated our attention. So, without waiting anymore we crafted our review to let you know about these awesome and recommendation worthy running shirts.

To have a memorable trekking, hiking or training workout experience just go on buying any of the above mentioned best running shirts for this year. is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. We have used all the products on this page and recommended them because these are products and companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed in comments below!

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