Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy page has been designed to explain few quick things about this site and about all the information we collect and present on Outdoor Gear Trends

What information do we collect and for what purpose?

Whenever you write a comment on any post on this website, you are required to leave your email address. Now here the question arises that why we need your email address? The answer is very simple and clear that your email is required to keep you updated about the new posts and updates on the website. Whenever you enter the username and email in the opt-in box available on the website you will get an auto-generated confirmation email.


Our blog uses cookies and web server log files to collect the information about pages you visit and how many times you visit them. Cookies are also used to keep the record of the duration you spend there and the date and the time of your visit. Date and time are displayed with your comment on any post present on the blog.


All the content present on this website cannot be copied or reproduced by any means under any circumstances. By content, we mean all the reviews, videos and posts that are hosted on the domain, If any website or person will use the name of this website, any video or review hosted on this website without getting the written consent of owner then site owner secures the right to take legal actions against the offending party.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text document that includes an anonymous unique identifier. Whenever you visit a website your computer allows that website’s server to store this file on your hard drive specially designated for this purpose. Each website sends its cookie to your browser if the browser preferences allow it. In case if you don’t want to accept the cookies, you can change the Brower’s configuration to refuse cookies. A cookie neither passes any virus to your computer nor retrieves any personal data from your hard drive.

How the information collected by cookies is used?

Cookies allow us to estimate the aggregate number of people visiting our website. By using cookies, we can differentiate you from other users because as mentioned earlier that cookie contains a unique identifier. Cookie also slows us to determine the most visited part of our website. We can get the reviews by the help of cookies and we try to improve our website accordingly. We are not intended to use any of your personal information.

IP Addresses

IP Address is a unique number that identifies your computer on a network. IP Addresses are used whenever your computer is connected to the internet. Webserver of our website automatically collects the IP Address of your computer as a part of traffic data so that the computer of that particular IP Address should be available to send updates.

Sharing and Selling Information

Any of the information that uniquely identifies a subscriber is not sold, shared, lent or leased by our website. It is highly against our policies. We will use your data according to our some of the pre decided restricted terms and conditions to provide you with some special services and to carry out essential transactions.

How can you Access and Edit your Information?

We can provide you access to your personally identifiable details upon request. You can edit your data that once had been collected and maintained in our database.

Terms about legally compelled Disclosure

When legally compelled we may disclose information for the protection of our legal laws. If we will find anyone violating our terms and conditions then we may disclose their information to identify, contact and take legal actions against them. In addition to that information can also be disclosed to protect the safety of the users.

Link of Our Website to Other Websites

Any website linked to ours have their own set of practices and rules, we are not responsible for the rules they employed by any means. Links to other websites are merely provided as pointers to some information that our users may find helpful.

Always remember that whenever you are navigated to some other website by using a pointer link present on our website, our Privacy policy will no longer be in effect.

Your Agreement to Our Policies

By using our website, you allow us to collect and use your data as described in our privacy policy. We reserve all the rights to change this privacy policy at any time with or without notifying.

Our Allegiance to Data Security

Please note that your information will be processed and stored in our database systems present in Pakistan. We have employed the best encryption techniques to make your data secure. Moreover, these encryption techniques prevent the unauthorized access and also maintain the accuracy of the stored data.


Our website allows you to be a part of our subscriber’s community to get the updates of the website. Users are also provided with the option to unsubscribe if they don’t want any future update of our website. As soon as it will be technically feasible we will stop sending them updates.

Children under 14 are not allowed

As the heading says it all that the children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use our website unsupervised. And they are not allowed to enter any data in here without the guidance and supervision of their parents.

Ownership Interchange

Your information present on the website is the part of website’s assets. And in the case of any transference of ownership, your assets may be transferred.

Policy Modifications

As mentioned earlier that we reserve the right to amend this privacy policy. Users of this website may or may not be notified about the changes. So, we request you to please keep visiting this privacy policy page periodically in order to be updated.

In the case of any change in the privacy policy will override the previous one and your information will be treated according to the new policy.

In case of any queries please contact us.