TOP TEN BEST HIKING SHOES OF 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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TOP TEN BEST HIKING SHOES OF 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to go for trekking in the coming holidays? You must be in need of trekking shoes for the purpose. Hiking shoes are a special category of shoes and they can be subdivided into various categories depending on the type of activity that you intend to perform.

If you want to participate in training sessions, go for fleet trail runners. 
Again, if you are planning for day hike, choose light hikers.
Also, if you are planning multi-day trips, choose supportive hiking boots.
Water-proof boots will also be there for hiking in areas with moist and humid weather conditions. On the contrary, if you are going to a place with dry weather conditions, choose non water-proof shoes.
These shoes can also be categorized as lightweight, midweight and heavyweight shoes on the basis of their weights. Light-weight shoes are required if speed is important for you. They are comparatively less sturdy and strong. Heavy weight shoes will come in handy if you are hiking on rough terrains and on wearing them, you cannot run as fast as in the lightweight ones.

Before choosing a pair of hiking shoes, you should also ensure that they are comfortable and convenient for yourself.

So here are some of the best hiking shoes of the year from which you can choose the best one for your requirements

Best Hiking Shoes 2018

NameCurrent Price
SALOMON QUEST 4D 2GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
ADIDAS TERREX FAST R GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
LOWA INNOX MID GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
LA SPORTIVA NUCLEO HIGH GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
ASOLO FUGITIVE GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
MERRELL MOAB 2Check Current Price At Amazon
NORTH FACE MEN’S ULTRA 109 GTXCheck Current Price At Amazon
ARC’TERYX BORA2 MID GTX Check Current Price At Amazon

Best Hiking Shoes 2018 Reviews


It is neither lightweight nor a heavyweight shoe. It is of a perfect weight which enables it to provide the adequate support to your feet. So you will be able to trek across rugged terrains as well as maintain a fast pace using these shoes. 


⦁   The best feature of this pair of hiking boots is probably the perfect design supportive fit that it provides. It is so stitched that it is also provided with a lacing system which ensures that the shoes fit your feet perfectly. Threads do not come out loose from the shoe.

⦁   It is also characterized by a nimble footbed and midsole which act as great helpers in hikinhg. The materials which are used for manufacturing the boots are such that the injuries suffered are minimal and even if damages are caused along the outer surface, they are entirely cosmetic.

⦁   The tall boot height which measures about six inches from the insole to the top collar wraps over the area of ankle and makes it ideal for trekking.

⦁   The 4D chassis offers lateral stability and the in-house Contragrip outsoles of Salomon make it suitable for muddy and wet terrains.

⦁   There are a number of elements which make the boot waterproof including the outer fabrics that shed water well. The interior of the boot remains dry thanks to the nylon mesh that is present. So, you will not face any problems in areas of humid weather conditions.

⦁   Toe and ankle protection is another great feature to look for in this pair of boots. There is a rubber cap which covers the sides and provides optimum protection. There is sufficient amount of cushioning near the ankle so that even if you accidentally collide with a rock, you will not be injured.

  • It is an abrasion-resistant boot pair which is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • It provides sufficient protection during humid weathers or while trekking along wet surfaces.
  • The toe and ankle protection is commendable.
  • It is designed and stitched in a flawless manner.
  • The height of the ankle is suitable enough for trekking purpose.
  • If you are a heavy-hauling backpacker, you would not find it suitable for yourself.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for heavyweight boots that would help you to travel through the roughest of terrains, then Salomon Quest is not your thing. Also, if you are looking for an extremely lightweight option, Salomon is not for you, either. It is a mid-weight shoe which will suffice for both your requirements to some extent so that you in case you are confused regarding which one to choose for your trip, you should definitely choose these ones

Due to all the features mentioned above SALOMON QUEST 4D 2GTX is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Another great option when it comes to Best Hiking Shoes 2018 is offering is the Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX which is a pair of lightweight, rugged shoes meant for people who would love to go for hiking in mountains or run in nature. These shoes are meant for mountain without trails, snowy areas, hiking trails and any other rough terrain.


⦁   The Gore-Tex waterproof lining will keep your feet dry without sacrificing breathability. It can be used on long hikes too because these shoes are completely sweat proof and waterproof. It will provide you with complete comfort as an all-day wearable shoe as it is strong but lightweight, waterproof but breathable, and snug but not tight.

⦁   The outsole of the shoe is primarily made up of Traxion rubber that is known for providing great traction during hiking activities. The grooves are very aggressive so as to help traction while providing support. The outsole on the shoe is very durable.

⦁   The midsole consist of adiprene+ which helps in absorbing any shock and providing comfort to your forefeet and heel. This feature maintains efficiency and propulsion. The midsole of this Adidas shoe is so engineered as to give downhill comfort and enhanced motion control.

⦁   The quick lacing is quite helpful is saving time and effort that is required to tie normal shoes. The speed laces rest on the rubber section of the tongue so that it does not cut your feet. The lining that is a part of the Gore-Tex provides the amazing waterproof nature retaining the breathability. This shoe also comes with a removable ortholite sole which is extremely comfortable during long hikes.

  • This shoe is meant to last for a long time providing extreme comfort and support.
  • It is waterproof and keeps your feet completely dry.
  • Quick lacing saves time and effort and the grip and traction is amazingly good.
  • It has slightly narrow build creating problem for those with wide feet.
  • It is very expensive.

Final Thoughts:

Overall Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is a sturdy hiking and running shoe for anyone who requires support, durability, breathability and waterproof protection. It is completely reliable for any type of terrain and robust enough to function really well.

Due to all the features mentioned above Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Another great option when it comes to Best Hiking Shoes 2018 is offering is the Lowa Innox Mid GTX which is a pair of lightweight, waterproof three-season hiking boots suitable for moving quickly, even with a heavy backpack.


⦁   The mid-height synthetic upper of the boots balance great ankle support.

⦁   The Gore-Tex technology ensures its waterproof design and higher breathability. This keeps your feet nice and dry in all weather conditions.

⦁   The boots are made of Nubuck leather and it has a Vibram Evo on the outside which provides great traction on mud, snow, ice and other kinds of wet surfaces.

⦁   They can be considered as the taller version of Salmon X Ultra.

⦁   It is one of the lightest boots available in the market, which weigh 2 lbs. 0.5 oz.

⦁   The polyurethane Monowrap frame provides higher stability and greater protection.

⦁   The NXT sole gives the traction for moving easily through rugged terrain.

⦁   There is no rubber toe-guard up front (or much protection around the sides).

  • The boots are lightweight and suitable for running on established trekking trails.
  • The flexible design provides high comfort on your feet and offers more support than you might expect for a boot of this type.
  • The upper part of the tongue and boot has perforated webbing, suitable for gripping the boot and it wicks the moisture away.
  • The easy lacing of the boots helps to fit in quickly with very little pulling and adjusting at the different lace crossovers.
  • The high traction provides high grip on slippery rocks, loose gravel, dirt and similar rugged terrain conditions.
  • The price is slightly on the higher side. It costs $210 per pair of boots.
  • Due to the absence of toe-guard, you may fell serious contacts with rocks and may occasionally face issues on slippery rocks in the rough terrain.

Final Thoughts:

The lightweight nature ensures comfortable feet and most suitable for hiking on established trails. It can be avoided on rugged terrain to avoid any serious contact with rocks or roots or for off-trail hiking in rough conditions.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Another great option when it comes to Best Hiking Shoes 2018 is offering is the La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX which is a pair of lightweight, waterproof modern boot which is suitable for hikers requiring medium-duty boots for hikes in rugged, variable terrain and for backpackers requiring a pair of versatile waterproof and water resistant boots that can breathe well and also support moderate loads.


⦁   One of the most notable and prominent features of the shoe is the Gore-Tex Surround liner. The Gore-Tex Surround breathes through the bottom of the footbed and the sides, besides the top of the foot like a traditional waterproof design.

⦁   Another notable feature includes Nano-cell technology. It is a web-like mesh structure that is visible along the sides of the foot. This gives the boot a distinctive and unique look and also has a profound impact on the breathability.

⦁   The boot is highly durable and abrasion resistant. It has large swaths of leather rather than mesh which are suitable for scrambling and hiking over the rough and rocky terrain.

⦁   The boots are moderately flexible because of their mid-height design structure. The 3D Flex ankle is suitable for flexibility on the lateral sides of the boots.

⦁   The Vibram Nanosole with its Impact Brake System offers superior traction and outstanding grip over rock and mud in rugged terrain.

⦁   It has been awarded as the Gear of the Year 2017 by the Outside Magazines.

  • It is light and nimble (weighing 2lbs. 1.6 oz.)
  • It is waterproof with features that support ease of breathability. This makes the boots pretty tough and sturdy with no compromise of comfort.
  • It is moderately flexible because of its unique and distinct design.
  • The boot doesn’t come cheap. It costs around $199.
  • The boot has a slightly narrow fit, so the buyer has to be careful while making a purchase of the exact size.

Final Thoughts:

The Nucleo differentiates itself from other 2-pound models with the help of its durability. Overall, the Nucleo is a nice up gradation of the La Sportiva series in terms of performance and build quality from a boot like the Merrell Moab 2 above.

Due to all the features mentioned above La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Another great option when it comes to Best Hiking Shoe 2018 is offering is Asolo Fugitive GTX which is a pair of heavyweight, waterproof traditional design boots which is suitable for snow-shoeing as well as for light mountaineering.


⦁   The boot is quite heavy (3 lbs. 0.6 oz.)

⦁   It uses Gore-Tex technology and lightweight lace hardware for its waterproof design.

⦁   The stiff construction and thick mid soles and outsoles help to get a better grip in the rocky and rugged terrain and work well in all conditions of the four seasons.

⦁   The boot has water-repellent suede and Cordura Upper.

⦁   The heavyweight boots provide stiffness and high protection with the help of Its Duo Asoflex lasting system and Asolo Synchro rubber outsole with PU cushioning. The Duo system consists of a stiffer unit to provide stability and anti-pronation qualities pasted to a softer, shock-absorbing material that increase the comfort of the foot.

⦁   It also has a re-inforced toe-cap and heel sections plus Cordura for safety measures. It also contributes to the toughness and abrasion resistance of the boot.

⦁   The boots come at a pocket pinch of $240 per pair.

  • It is lighter and comfortable compared to the other leather three-season boots.
  • IThe boots are voluminous and thus has no problem with proper fitting into the feet.
  • The upper material of the boot is made up of strong durable materials without any compromise with comfort.
  • It is best suited for treks over rough terrain and mountaineering.
  • The Gore-Tex liner keeps the boots waterproof but in hot weather conditions, you can often end up with hot, wet feet if the liner is unable to cope.
  • ⦁ The boots are stiff and heavy in nature and this may be a disadvantage while using them for long distances.

Final Thoughts:

The burly construction makes the boots heavy. Unless you need an ultra-tough build, the weight can be a disadvantage over longer distances. If you need a pair of boots which is suitable for the Alpine, Fugitive should be the absolute and classic choice.

Due to all the features mentioned above Asolo Fugitive GTX is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Another great option when it comes to Best Hiking Shoe 2018 is offering is MOAB 2. Moab has been famous for the comfort and durability that it provides and Moab 2 is no exception! It fits your feet superbly and is extremely ergonomic. It is the ideal one in case you are looking for a shoe that you can wear throughout the day. They are waterproof too and can stand the adverse climatic conditions.  


⦁   It has a strong and sturdy construction which enables you to use it for strenuous trekking activities. The durable sole is capable of handling the rugged nature of the terrain and will also help you to trek over rocks, gravels and other elements. Yet, they are very light in weight and will not feel heavy on your feet.

⦁   The shoes are a perfect combination of Leather and Mesh Upper and also feature a Nylon arc shank.

⦁   Merrell cushions are there to provide a soft touch to your feet and offer adequate support.

⦁   The thick rubber sole helps you to beat the cold and keeps your feet warm even in the places of severely cold climatic conditions. This will prove to be effective if you are planning a trip to the mountains with freezing cold temperature.

⦁   Made from leather and textile, the shoe is waterproof too, and can thus be used in wet weather too.

  • It is strong and sturdy yet lightweight.
  • It is very soft and feels comfortable to the feet.
  • Packing the shoe is also quite easy and you can carry it to wherever you go.
  • It is also waterproof in nature, which proves to be effective in wet places or seasons.
  • The shoes are snug, rather too small to fit in. Unless you have exceptionally small feet, you will have problem inserting your feet into them.

Final Thoughts:

Merrell Moab 2 is a perfect combination of sturdiness and a light weight. It is appropriate for both wet and cold climatic conditions. However, if you are a person with a slightly bigger feet size, you may have serious problems with the fitting of the shoes.

Due to all the features mentioned above MOAB 2 is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.


Ultra 109GTX shoes from North Face are meant for those trekkers who choose slick rocks and uneven trails as their destination. The full length EVA midsole, People using these shoes can use it for various purposes such as walking, playing, climbing, kayaking etc. 


⦁   The shoes being comparatively light-weight, you can be assured of being free from pain as you wear them for your trekking ventures. Blisters are also not likely to form on your feet.

⦁   Made from a combination of fabric and synthetic materials the shoes are ideal for summer, thanks to their comparatively less thickness and ability to maintain dryness.

⦁   Another feature that deserves mention is the breathability. The breathable membrane breathable mesh helps in maintaining a constant air flow and helps your feet to remain dry and refreshed.

⦁   The suede sole offers protection and support and helps in hiking across the rugged terrains.

  • Versatile nature of the shoes which enables you to use them for multiple purposes.
  • Break-in is not required and you can wear them at ease within no time.
  • Breathability of the shoes helps in keeping your feet cool during summer.
  • It is extended comfort range water-proof.
  • The shoes are the opposite of burly shoes and are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Shoes laces are not properly designed and fitted.

Final Thoughts:

Due to all the features mentioned above Ultra 109GTX is included in our Top Hiking Shoe 2018 list. The Ultra 109GTX shoes from North Face are a combination of light weight and sturdiness which makes them a preferred choice among today’s hikers. They can serve as great trekking shoes as well as be used in day-to-day activities like walking, running and playing. You thus get all in one and do not need to invest extra money on it!


These pair of shoes that is mid-weight and offer optimum protection and support. Arc’teryx, the famous name in the world of outer wear has designed this shoe keeping several factors in mind and has succeeded in grasping the target customer base.  


⦁   It is mainly designed for rugged and rocky terrains and using it for smooth trails would be wastage of money.

⦁   The two-piece construction includes the stretch micromesh works like a bootie and is separable. You can remove it whenever required and then re-insert it as needed.

⦁   The traction ability of the shoes is also commendable and it offers great traction, especially over rock. Be it steep incline or decline, the boots are capable of handling it all.

⦁   There are waterproofing duties spread all over the square liner.

⦁   They are highly breathable and come with heat retention property. They are thus capable of preventing overheating and are ideal for places with severely cold climatic conditions.

⦁   There is a separable Gore Tex liner which is great at wicking moisture.

  • It offers a lot of flex for the purpose of quick scrambling.
  • It is suitable for a long trekking trip across a hilly terrain.
  • The shoe is also protected near the ankle, hills and the sides.
  • There is extra cushioning for added comfort.
  • The price is a bit too high.

Final Thoughts:

It is equipped with a variety of features but is a bit too costly.
So these are the best ten hiking shoes of 2018. Say hello to them!

Due to all the features mentioned above ARC’TERYX BORA2 MID GTX is included in our Top Running Shirt 2018 list and one of the best running shirt for men.

Best Running Shirts 2018 Buyer’s Guide and Final Verdict:

With a wide range of running shirts available on the market, we have rigorously surveyed about the practical features and durability that every running gear offers. We came across with numerous varieties of running shirts, however these 7 products really captivated our attention. So, without waiting anymore we crafted our review to let you know about these awesome and recommendation worthy running shirts.

To have a memorable trekking, hiking or training workout experience just go on buying any of the above mentioned best running shirts for this year. is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. We have used all the products on this page and recommended them because these are products and companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed in comments below!

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